April 11, 2022 – It was just really bad I was literally going missing for days. 

“I wasn’t able to do any work and I wasn’t a functioning human at all, so something had to give.

Janet was also asked why it’s vital for her to share her story with fans, after regular posting on TikTok and starring in a BBC documentary titled Janet Devlin: Young, Female and Addiction. “I used to have to look up to Russel Brand, who I love, but he was a 40-year-old man.”

Despite being thrust into the spotlight as a young teen, Janet argues that this wasn’t the root of her issues as they had raised their head before she competed on the programme.

She continued: “I get that a lot – people are like ‘TV messed her up,’ but if you knew anything about me I was self-harming by 12 years old, I was anorexic by 15. I was already displaying bad drinking habits before the show started.


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