WATCH – I see America –

Oct. 1, 2020 – He was dishonorably discharged” — which he was not. “For cocaine use,” Trump added. My father is a one-time Republican and now a staunch Biden supporter, but you can never assume to know how someone else experiences a moment like that or exactly what my father saw in Joe Biden that night. I know what I saw: a reflection of my dad. Biden is a father whose unwavering love has been essential in his child’s struggle and recovery from addiction. And my father’s love has been essential in mine.

Tuesday marked six months and 14 days into my recovery from alcoholism, and six months and 14 days since my father, my best friend and a team of EMTs saved my life. My dad and that friend together made what I know now was a difficult but instant decision to call 911, and then insisted that those EMTs kick in the door of my apartment in Washington, D.C. Because they insisted, the first responders found me on the floor, semiconscious and unable to stand; I had both pneumonia and hepatitis. I learned later that I had been close to death.



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