Doors to Ms.Perception –

May 12, 2020 – It’s not that simple for people with eating disorders. For someone with an active eating disorder, food can be an agent of destruction. For someone in recovery, isolation can prompt a shift to old coping mechanisms. Eating disorder outreach has risen online: On Instagram, @covid19eatingsupport provides “meal support” — somebody to eat with. The National Eating Disorders Associationoffers video sessions that explore subjects such as family dynamics during quarantine and eating disorders during midlife.(I) can’t get away from food online, where it’s more present than ever: Sourdough starters and bean shortages and the ease with which people with healthier, typical relationships with food joke …about these things, or fill their Instagrams with photos of family meals. I don’t begrudge others that ease; I long for it.  Eating disorders are isolating. They are often misunderstood, perceived as the kind of thing you could get over if you just got a grip. 



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