July 1, 2021 – To get sober, AA teaches people an alcoholic must abandon his or her own ego and self-will and adopt a new mode of living which encourages them to connect with a spiritual higher power and think and act in a way that helps others.

AA classifies alcoholism as a disease that involves mental obsession over alcohol as well as a physical allergy that triggers a “phenomenon of craving” that kicks in viciously once one sip is ingested.

If one can begin to adopt a new way of life through working the steps, AA teaches, the obsession to drink alcohol will be removed. When that happens, continuing to live in such a spiritual fashion will not seem like a burden, rather a pleasure. Thus, a new way of living is born.

So, there exists a spiritual energy inside live AA meetings where people feed off one another as they share their experiences, strength and hope with another alcoholic. Helping a sufferer learn how to adopt a new way of living is part of the spiritual program. Many call the experience of the transformation a miracle.

Even Zoom meeting supporters like Bridge House’s assistant house manager, Drew Camacho, said that there is no replacing the real thing when it comes to meetings.


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