Good Decision – 

Dec. 1, 2019 – “That said, given how much I normally drank – a bottle and a half of whisky a day at one stage – a few glasses of wine was a mere hors d’oeuvre  for me.” Having been asked to leave the family home due to his alcoholism, Gene had found himself having to stay round a friend’s house at the time.

“I was given the spare room, which had a bunk bed in it, and I must have sunk into a heavy sleep,” he adds.

“But when I awoke in the night needing a pee I quite forgot I was six foot up and dropped like a stone to the floor, taking out a chest of drawers with my head on the way down. 

“I wasn’t knocked out  – the drawers were totalled, mind – and staggered to the bathroom to see the mess I’d made of myself and whether or not I could get away with just wrapping it in a tea towel and going back to bed.

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