July 24, 2022 – Director and neuroscientist Charlotte Wincott collaborated with numerous addiction experts to tell the scientific stories that comprise “Fall Fight Shine,” which is her first documentary film. Scientists and experts explain the biology underlying addiction as well as the challenges and pathways to recovery. Dr. Wincott, who studied neuroscience at NYU and conducted research in addiction at The Rockefeller University, started making films several years ago to tell relatable stories with scientific themes. “Science is not always interesting or accessible to non-scientists and I want to change that.”

The documentary uses artistic imagery, electronic music, dream-like recreation scenes, and scientific metaphors to teach viewers about the brain and the ramifications of a disease that is impacting millions far and wide. The film premiered at The Art of Recovery Film Festival in the greater Miami area in September of 2021 and won Best Documentary at the Hollywood Women’s International Film Festival. It has been an official selection and finalist in a number of other film festivals including the Raw Science Film Festival and has been featured in academic outreach events to educate the public on substance use disorders. Dr. Wincott was given the Activism Award by the Hollywood Women’s Film Institute for her work in the addiction space.


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