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March 21, 2018 – Many different types of stimulants can be found in the foods and drinks we consume.  Some are natural ingredients that we’ve been consuming for millennia, such as caffeine,  now embedded into the cultures of many civilizations. Others are synthetic and a relatively recent addition to our diets. There is now growing cause for concern about the extent to which food and drink manufacturers are deliberately adding high quantities of stimulants to processed foods and drinks to bolster sales, often under the guise of ‘flavour enhancement’. As this practice is now so widespread we can easily be exposed to excessive levels of these addictive stimulants through the consumption of a variety of processed foods and drinks.  While this has proved to be an effective tactic for the food industry to drive consumption of their products and ensuring we’re coming back for more (7), a growing number of experts have voiced concerns about the effects that these stimulants have on our health, suggesting plausible short and long-term health consequences that will be discussed in this article….

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