Feb. 26, 2022 – Before I begin though, to explain the automatic thing my legs do most mornings, I’d like to ask “What is your biggest dream?”

A doctor acquaintance of mine recently asked me that question. He was serious.

He then went on to tell me his wife had just said her biggest dream was to lose the 40 extra pounds that had planted itself on her thighs since COVID had caused her to stay away from large gatherings. “It came in uninvited,” she went on in explanation, “With no invitation from me. And, where things are planted, they tend to grow.” He told her she’d have to make it a habit to exercise every day and to begin munching on salads instead of her much loved chocolate chip cookies … if she wanted to eject her unwelcome visitors.

“I’ve heard,” the doctor’s wife told him, “that to make anything a habit it must be repeated for 30 days in a row. So, I’ll walk for 30 days and restrict my intake of cookies to two a day.” 


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