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Jan. 13, 2021 – Stewart is no outsider when it comes to addiction and recovery. At the age of forty, he found himself homeless and hopeless. With only a few possessions and dollars to his name, addiction left this once-successful businessman bankrupt spiritually, emotionally, and financially. He entered rehab program after program – and after his twelfth program, Stewart had a self-acknowledged breakthrough that helped him overcome his addiction and reclaim his life. In “Free Yourself from Yourself”, he shares this breakthrough through twelve spiritual principles. 

Throughout the book, Stewart shares his personal story of addiction and recovery and provides constructive exercises, designed to help one create a productive and healthy lifestyle. Each chapter allows the reader to feel coached and supported by a friend, one who understands firsthand the struggle of addiction. In a time where the opioid epidemic and PTSD are at an all-time high, this book will allow one to find lasting recovery. 



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