Never On Sabbath –  

October 29, 2019 – “It was always more variety, more frequency, more hardcore,” Nash said at a benefit for Chabad Lifeline, which was held at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Oct. 24. When “an endless more” failed to satisfy him, Nash faced up to what he regards as the disease of sex addiction.

Wearing a kippah and T-shirt reading, “Porn Kills Love,” Nash recalled the day in 2013 when that happened. He had started going to recovery meetings, but was overcome with an urge to “reach for the top shelf” one more time before he had to give it all up. … That morning, he found “bliss” with two prostitutes. “But at 1 a.m., I came out just as miserable and that was panic-inducing,” he told a hushed audience. He had built up a tolerance to his “drug.”

Today, Nash is a successful entrepreneur based in Miami and married to Fraidy, who also spoke frankly about her devastation when she found out that the man she loved and idealized had this dark side to him. Nash is telling his story publicly to encourage others with unhealthy sexual compulsions to get help. “I’m proud, damn proud that I did,” he said.

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