July 5, 2021 – To me, law enforcement is about people and building relationships where trust can be established. When there is trust, anything can happen. I could tell you countless stories from my almost 30 years in law enforcement where that was proven true. Wavelengths is not much different from law enforcement in my opinion. Our clients are at a point in their lives where they are here because they cannot do it on their own. They need help.

When they get to Wavelengths, they do not have much trust in anyone. They have been judged, taken advantage of, victims of crimes, and have lost much of what is important in life. The most impactful loss would be that of self-worth.

Plain and simple, addiction destroys.

Over my many years in law enforcement, I have first-hand seen addiction turn good people into something they are not. Addiction tears apart relationships, livelihoods, and families. The impact of addiction is incredible and far-reaching.

What I have taken from my years of experience in law enforcement to my current position at Wavelengths is the building of trust. At Wavelengths, we create an environment of trust so we can help rebuild the lives of people suffering from addiction. We do not judge them based on their past. I have told many of our clients that you can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start today and definitely change the ending.

We learn from their past and focus on the future and the great possibilities that are out there for them if they want it. The key being: “If they want it.” If they want it, they can do it. We provide the right environment, skilled counselors and therapists, and all the tools they need to overcome their addiction.


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