Mar. 16, 2022 – Most drug users tend to keep their dealings under wraps, but one Florida man was arrested after allegedly calling police to check the authenticity of his methamphetamine.

In a Facebook post from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, authorities claim Spring Hill, Fla., resident Thomas Eugene Colucci dialled 9-1-1 to “test the methamphetamine” he had recently purchased. As requested, a deputy performed a field test on a sample of the white crystal-like substance from each of the baggies. The substance from both baggies tested positive for methamphetamine.

Deputies placed Colucci under arrest and in the back of a patrol vehicle. After being placed under arrest, Colucci told the deputies he was having some chest pains. Colucci was then transported to a local hospital where he was medically cleared by a physician. 

If you, or someone you know, have doubts about the authenticity of any illegal narcotics you have on-hand or have obtained from another person, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to provide this service, FREE of charge.


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