June 23, 2022 – “But, yeah, I don’t know what the difference is [between the drinking culture in Europe and that in the U.S.]. All I can say is from my own personal experience that I’m grateful that I put all that stuff down, have the support and the camaraderie with that sort of community and love speaking freely about it as well. A big, strong, tough dude, alpha male like me talking about problems gives hope to other strong, hard-headed dudes to be able to open up and look at their own lives as well. That’s what I hope anyway. All I can do is just me. If that’s an example for you guys, that’s cool too.”

For much of the last four years, Kael had touted having a sober lifestyle, saying that he was the “strongest” he had ever been after coming out of rehab. However, the 48-year-old bassist told Jason Rockman of Canada’s “The Rockman Power Hour” in March that he fell off the wagon as the coronavirus lockdown continued, saying that “it was not good.”  “I got sober February 3rd, 2018,” Chris said. “Were it not for a mishap during the pandemic, which I haven’t spoken publicly about until today, a mishap over the pandemic, it would have been four years [sober]. But right now I think I am… I have to go back and look at the date, honestly.” He continued: “I remember I went to a concert and I was trying to do… I was, like, ‘All right. I fell off the wagon. I’ve been back on the wagon. I’m going in. I’m gonna try to control drinking this time. I’m gonna allow myself to have two. And if I do two, cool.’ Nope. Did three. Haven’t had a drink since. I said, ‘I can’t do it.’ Even trying to limit myself to two, I couldn’t do that.”


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