Clergy to the Rescue –

Sept. 29, 2018 – He turned to ministry after recovering from his own addiction and now is bringing pastors, students, parishioners and other faith leaders from across the country together to learn how to address addiction in their own communities. “I heard Amy Klobuchar speak and I heard Sheriff Rich Stanek speak,” he said when asked how he got the idea to bring more than 200 faith leaders together. “They said, ‘Here’s the problem, it’s getting worse, everything we’re doing is making it worse but we need everyone to step up and do something.’ And I just thought, congregations can be doing all kinds of stuff.” Most of the people in attendance are used to giving guidance but they came to the conference in search of it. Addiction specialists answered questions while pastors with recovery experience shared what they know like how to create a safe place, how to recognize addiction and how to speak with a loved one who is suffering.

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