July 3, 2022 – In a viral TikTok, a father shares his shock and frustration that his 15-year-old son’s high school was supplying him with antidepressants without his knowledge. User Eli Holt (@mr.notnew) says the high school’s counselor called him to let him know that his son had not picked up his antidepressants at the end of the school year. “I said, ‘He’s not on anti-depressants. What are you talking about? My kid is not depressed,’” Holt says in the video. “They proceed to tell me they had a psychiatrist come to the school and give my kid antidepressants and he’s been on them for several months. I had no knowledge.” 

According to Holt, whose child attends a high school in Snohomish, Washington, he found out that it was perfectly legal for schools to treat teenagers without consulting the parents. Based on Washington State law, this is true. 


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