Grace –

March 14, 2020 – He cried, “God, why won’t you let me die?”

God whispered back, “Because you haven’t done what I sent you there to do yet.”

Slack was among several recovering addicts to speak during a Feb. 18 Hawkins County Recovery Court event in Rogersville called “Faces of Addiction.”

He was 42-years-old the day he heard God’s voice. Up to that point his addictions had cost him everything. His family. His children. His freedom during three stints in prison and more times than he could count in county jails. And his free will.

But everything changed under that bridge on Jan. 13, 2012.

“God has completely restored and reunified my family,” Slack said. “He has given me everything back. I even have respect from people now. They look at me as a productive member of society because God intervened. I tried to quit for years and years and couldn’t. It was deliverance from God eight years ago, the 13th of January. He brought me to where I am.”


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