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Oct. 12, 2020 – While Carucci has led an interesting life and has a robust family, it was alcohol that quietly took control over her life and what she felt she most needed to explore. “For so many years, alcohol was my best friend, it was my confidant, it was my go to,” she said.

Alcoholism Swept Under the Rug

“When I was growing up, everyone had that uncle or two that was an alcoholic,” said Ralph, whose great uncle Joe matched that description. “You never knew which Uncle Joe you were going to get.” Carucci said that even though alcohol is legal, it still has a great stigma. Because alcoholics usually stay private, a lot of people think they don’t know alcoholics personally. Her mission is to be open about her struggle and to encourage others to do the same.

“I really want it to be an open discussion,” said Martha. “When people think of an alcoholic, they picture the bum under the bridge with the brown paper bag, not the mom sitting next to them in a PTA meeting.”



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