Everybody’s Human –  

March 24, 2020 – As an adult, the journalist maintained the belief that she needed to hide her anxiety and began using alcohol to fight the feelings of panic. “It was like, ‘I finally feel relaxed,’” Vargas told ABC News. “All my insecurities would sort of fade back.”

Her drinking began affecting her marriage to singer Marc Cohn. “He thought I drank too much,” she said. “I remember he was angry when he said it, and grabbing my arm and saying, ‘You have a problem with alcohol,’ and that just made me really mad.”

Vargas’ need for alcohol reached a point where she began hiding bottles under her bathroom sink. “Looking at myself in the mirror thinking, ‘This is who I am, sneaking into my own bathroom to gulp down from my toothpaste cup a half cup of wine so I can get through another hour feeling good,’” she revealed.


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