Jan. 26, 2022 – Certainly, people have their ways of getting their drug fixes or what people think they’re getting. The DEA said that in some cases, it’s literally as easy as being on social media.

“They’re using these emojis on social media. These short form social media videos on social media platforms to advertise these drugs. The buyer is using the code, and then the seller is also using emoji codes to let them know these drugs are available,” said McNeal. 

Denise Terryah is a recovery coach at the Flint Odyssey House and is also clean of fentanyl going on 11 years. What’s happening with fentanyl, meth and other drugs right now comes as no surprise to her, she sees what it’s doing to people every day.

“They’ll tell us what they’re positive for and what they’ve been using. Heroin, meth, cocaine, marijuana — and almost always something is laced with fentanyl, and they’re shocked when you tell them,” said Terryah. 

She said that it’s literally like a game of Russian Roulette.


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