Drug Policy Crimes –

August 29, 2018 – “The opportunities I thought were erased have been given back to me,” said Christopher Lacey after exiting the courtroom. Lacey and eight other graduates were recognized by the program’s supporters and by Rader for their dedication to staying sober and rebuilding their lives. That fact the problem-solving court almost died in 2016 was not lost on the judge, program supporters or participants. The program was defunded by county officials concerned about rising costs. The program has since rebounded, with financial support from the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office and a new five-year federal grant of more than $1 million, to expand services to people with drug and alcohol issues. Lacey credits his own success to the structure of the program. In fact, he said he waited for almost a year after his arrest for drug court to be able to accept new defendants.

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