A Lifestyle, a Choice, an Illness? –

March 23, 2018 – Over the course of my career, I’ve spent many years working with alcoholics. I know the battle they face and the torture they endure in facing their demons and giving up the bottle. I’ve seen many succeed, but also many more fail. It’s a struggle that often gets right to the heart of who someone is and I wish Ant McPartlin all the best for his rehabilitation. But after he was charged this week with drink driving I’m afraid my patience and sympathy are in short supply: by all means ruin your own life, but don’t put the lives of others at risk.

Having seen people die as a result of drink-drivers, I have zero tolerance for them. When you’ve had to tell someone, as I have, that their child has died at the hands of a drink-driver, you quickly develop a hard carapace when it comes to drink-drivers’ self-obsessed pleas for leniency.

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