Druggists do it legally –

July 16, 2020 – CVS also agreed to distribute a memo to its pharmacists in the state, highlighting a law that requires them to take action if working conditions in their pharmacies could lead to problems safely filling prescriptions. The memo is to make clear that they are not to face retaliation for documenting and reporting such issues.

In a statement, a CVS spokesman said the company agreed to the terms to “avoid the time and expense of a protracted hearing process and to foster a positive working relationship” with the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy. The spokesman said the action did not constitute an admission of guilt by the company on all counts. The state board inspected the four pharmacies from mid-2019 to early this year after receiving multiple complaints about errors and overwhelmed staff members.

One of those errors occurred last year when a developmentally disabled teenager received one-fourth of his prescribed dose of anticonvulsant medication from a CVS in Owasso, a suburb north of Tulsa, according to a complaint filed by the board. The boy took the incorrect dosage for 18 days, during which his seizures became uncontrollable, causing him to fall and hit his head, said his father, Aron Brown.



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