A couple of swells –

Jan. 31, 2020 – Kennedy Street has helped other projects set up their own social enterprises, feeding the homeless, organising dry gigs, and using crafting as therapy.

Clare said: “Kennedy Street is a charitable project that supports people in recovery and supports people achieving their potential.

“Talking about recovery makes it visible so people know where we are and what we do and what the beautiful people in recovery look like.

“I am really passionate about recovery because my life has been totally transformed by it.

“Kevin is 21 years sober, as am I. That’s why we are so passionate about this. “

Kevin said: “Clare is the brains and the driving force. I’m just the pretty one.

“I haven’t got the patience to do what she does.

“I have been at home when the phone goes and someone needs help.

“Whatever it is, she is on it. And if she can’t be there herself, she makes sure someone else is.”

Clare and Kevin have had plans to open Brighton and Hove’s first dry bar for several years. They still hope to secure around £700,000 of funding to set up a sober social centre and hub to unite the projects they work with.


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