It’s a very funny disease – 

March 2, 2020 – “I had a lot of fun in sobriety,” Holbert said. “I got to do shows like this.” For eight years, his alcoholism pulled experiences away from him. Trapped by his addiction, alcohol stripped away all chances of achieving his dreams and made him turn into an “ass,” he said.

“I became a different mammal,” Holbert joked. 

From getting arrested three times on his college campus to stripping naked in public at night, Holbert let alcohol take over his life. 

While Holbert began to overuse alcohol by himself, it was peer pressure that led to his addiction.

His high school friends, “The Booze Hounds,” visited Holbert in college and pressured him into having a drink. From there, things only went downhill and Holbert’s addiction began.


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