March 3, 2021 – “But yeah, right now, I gotta be fully on. Jason and I have definitely had moments because we’re both sober — that’s where we met, in an AA meeting — we’ve both had moments where we’re like, ‘If we had a glass of wine right now, nobody would blame us.’  

“And then we talk it through and realize that our lives are better [without alcohol] and we find something else to do. And it usually involves being with the kids, doing something to get your mind out of that. But yeah, I definitely want relief and it’s Groundhog Day.” The “Glee” alum, 45, also bravely revealed that having two rambunctious tykes at home can be stressful.

“My husband and I take it moment by moment,” he confessed. “Fortunately, we try to trade off whose going crazy first. We have signs, like, ‘OK I need to tap out, I need to go for a walk, you need to take over,’ or if we see the other person with steam coming out of their ears, ‘Why don’t I take the kids for a walk,’ absolutely. In the same vein, it’s also been an incredible time to spend every waking moment with them because I’ll never get this time back. There are definitely positives.”



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