Worth Rejoicing –

March 22, 2018 – Where were you this St. Patrick’s Day? Were you out getting drunk? Well, you should have been at the Palladium Theater celebrating Senator Darryl Rouson’s 20th anniversary of sobriety. St. Patrick’s Day 1998, he started down the path of recovery, one step at a time. Musical guests Cleo Hart, Shawn Brown, Alex Harris and Siobhan Monique tore…down…the…house! You missed out … With three hours of some of the best music you’ll hear in Tampa Bay, this was a celebration of perseverance and resilience. The audience was full of people from all walks of life. From judges and politicians to clergy and recovering addicts, all were there to celebrate the journey of sobriety. “Addiction is baffling not only for the addict but for the person or persons who try to support them,” said Mistress of Ceremony Lelia Wilson. “People with the worst past oftentimes end up with the best future.”

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