More Than Just Diet Coke –  

July 11, 2019 – Before you quit, how much did drinking feel like a part of your job? I would say it felt like a huge part of my job. As musicians, I mean, it would be a shocking situation to be backstage and somebody wasn’t drinking. That is why, you know, to this day and this year of not drinking I will absolutely sneak in my six pack of non-alcoholic beer to whatever gig I’m singing or playing because everybody drinks.

When was the first time that you used booze before a show and what effect did it have? I remember the first time I didn’t have alcohol before. It was my first headlining show in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I was so nervous I literally threw up in a bucket side-stage. And then the next show … somebody bought me a shot of tequila right before I went on stage and it felt like — tada! — I’m not nervous anymore.

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