Magic Kingdom on Hold – 

April 22, 2020 – Decriminalize California said that it plans to keep its operations running, and file again in the next California election. Voter outreach work will resume once social distancing orders are lifted.

Now that their 2020 efforts have failed, the organizers are pivoting. They are joining up with activists behind other ballot initiatives in California and beyond to demand electoral reforms. “[We] are now looking into a legal path to push the state of California into allowing electronic signatures,” they wrote. “We are also reaching out to all the other state initiatives around the union that also got paused mid-signature collection, to see if they would be interested in forming a national movement for electronic signatures for initiatives, referendums, recalls, and voting.”

A renewed, national alliance between psychedelic and voting rights activists may be impactful. Decriminalize California is not the only psychedelic reform campaign hat has been slowed down by COVID. And in a critical national election year, the pandemic has already put the simple right to vote in serious danger. 



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