A Family That Heals Together… –  

July 26, 2020 – “When I was finally told prison or treatment, I picked treatment and learned my manipulations were no longer going to work for me. As I sobbed about the unfairness of it all, I found God and began a personal journey of redemption,” Randolph said. “When I got out of treatment, I got my son back from my parents and started learning to live life as a productive member of society.” 

After seven years of sobriety, Jen married Ben and together they used their life experiences to forge an occupation to help others find a solution to the struggles of addiction. 

Today, the couple own Oregon Trail Recovery and Pacific Crest Trail Detox, where they tailored a program of recovery to be worthwhile, informative, compassionate and successful. “We work towards one common goal: to provide care of the highest quality, safety, and ethical standards. 

Whether you begin your treatment journey with us, or transition into one of our programs, we will assist you in becoming self-sufficient and solidified in your recovery,” Randolph said.



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