March 24, 2021 – Throughout that football season, Favre noted taking pain pills became “constant,” admitting the dosage increased as the months went on. The night before the next season began, the former NFL star had a seizure, which was later linked to his addiction. “I’d never had a seizure before that. As they dug deeper, [the doctor] found out that I had an addiction to pain pills, but I didn’t tell him how much,” Favre said. “I said, ‘OK, I’ll stop taking them,’ but I continued to take them.”

The former athlete had a second seizure after undergoing ankle surgery the same season, which he admitted “scared” him. The health scare happened in the hospital where his wife, Deanna, and their eldest daughter, Brittany, were with him.

When he woke up, Favre said he had a “come to Jesus” moment and decided to go to rehab. He stayed for 75 days, although he thought he “had it all figured out” earlier on. The NFL required him to finish out the full stay in order to play again.



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