May 15, 2022 – Bradley Cooper isn’t shy about discussing his past struggles with addiction. In fact, he continues to openly discuss those negative experiences, in part as a reminder for his own sake but also in using his platform to inspire others. Cooper’s life has transformed in big ways, and he contributes his success to his decision to get sober.

Just a couple of years back, during an interview with Leaf discussing the success of A Star Is Born, Cooper reminisced about how his addiction helped him fuel his on-screen character. He vividly described a time that his addiction “landed him in the hospital” after having “deliberately bashed [his] head on a concrete floor.”

He recognized back then how his drinking would challenge him to just “survive the day” and caused him to feel “like an outsider.” He went on to admit, “I thought, wow, I’m actually going to ruin my life.”

Cooper’s struggles and experiences with drugs and drinking are relatable to many. Fans continue to endear him for his sobriety today and willingness to share his personal story.


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