Oct. 22, 2022 – Since the day of my release from Santa Ana jail my head said, “Go alone and get it done quickly.” But that’s not how recovery from trauma, addiction, and chronic pain is possible. Nadia sharing her story Wednesday at the REEL Recovery Film Festival for FREE TIX https://www.eventbrite.com/e/409044020677

Years of hard work brought prestigious titles, awards, and accolades. Then I ended up in the arms of the most powerful man in the State of California. But none of that erased the fact that I was struggling deep inside. I was so gravely ill-prepared for all that would happen in my life next.

Tragedy after tragedy hit, back-to-back, and out of the blue. Death and trauma reared their ugly heads, and I never could seem to catch up. Perfect fodder for a sociopath and highly addictive drug, I fell into a swamp of terror and saw absolutely no way out.

Worse, the press marred the truth and turned my agony into a scandal. The system denied justice and the hell only continued. Shame consumed my entire being and I nearly let it kill me too. All connection back to the truth within was stuffed down deep and forgotten. Once the “up-and-comer,” my life became treatment, jail, and hospitalizations. Bumps and falls, hopes and gains, the road to recovery was filled with challenges.


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