I’m Innocent! I’m Innocent! I’m Innocent! –

July 3, 2020 – Dr. Randy Rosen pleaded not guilty Thursday to 88 felony counts in two separate cases, while Rosen’s girlfriend 41-year-old Liza Visamanos of Los Angeles, pleaded not guilty to 56 felony counts in two separate cases in connection with the scheme.

The pair were arrested Tuesday, with bail originally set at $52 million. On Thursday, a commissioner reduced Rosen’s bail to $15 million in one case and $1 million in the other case. Visamanos’ bail was reduced to $3 million in one case and $100,000 for the second case. Both defendants will be on GPS monitoring, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Visamanos will have to surrender her passport. Rosen’s passport was already surrendered.



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