Aug. 7, 2022 – The TikToker, Alicia Murray (@therapywithmillenials) claims that folks who find the information of therapists on a service called CareDash are then redirected to BetterHelp’s site. They’re told that the therapist they chose isn’t available for a session, but BetterHelp then recommends other therapists who are actually able to take on the work.

“If you heard what’s going on with the therapist world right now, as if BetterHelp wasn’t already on my shit list, buckle up,” Murray starts. “…CareDash has somehow made profiles for basically every therapist who’s licensed that’s out there. When you are licensed your information is public cause you have to register with the state that you live in.”

She goes on to say that in many instances, the information of non-affiliated therapists is being culled from mental health platforms therapists themselves pay out-of-pocket in order to be a part of, intoning that BetterHelp is profiting off of their investments, even if they aren’t attached to the service.


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