Oct. 22, 2022 – After all the controversies that Baron Geisler has gotten embroiled in, it’s redemption time for him. Baron’s heartwarming movie, “Doll House” (DH) is currently No. 1 in the Philippines and No. 17 worldwide on Netflix.

He portrays an absentee father who tries to make up for lost time with his daughter in Holland. Baron outdid himself in DH. Aga Muhlach, Paolo Contis, Gary Valenciano and Ogie Alcasid even posted their praises for Baron and his movie on their Facebook/Instagram accounts. As a friend, I am overjoyed for Baron. It’s high time that his acting prowess overshadows his shenanigans. He has conquered his demons and straightened up his act. A sober Baron is so very good on and off cam.

When I congratulated him for his superb portrayal, Baron’s reply was, “Thank you for being by my side up or down, best friend.”

Welcome, Baron. I’m glad that in “Dollhouse,” the great actor in you has come back home. Shine on, Baron, and carry on.


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