Sept. 30, 2021 – Over the last nine years, Burton has gotten into hiking, climbing, cycling and running, which has been “probably the most transformative thing that I have ever allowed myself to experience,” she said. 

Burton and her 15-year-old daughter just moved to San Diego from Rochester, Washington, for a new job opportunity. Her older children are 28 and 29. 

Burton also posts about her recovery journey on social media as a way to encourage some of her friends who are still in active addiction, who she keeps in touch with online. 

“Because so many people know what my life was like when I was in addiction, it was really important to me to share those pictures and to show people what’s possible,” Burton said. Those kinds of posts can be really helpful for people in recovery, who may feel isolated and alone, according to Brad McLeod, the moderator of Sober Motivation, a blog and Instagram page that shares people’s stories of recovery. 

“When people can see that, they relate with that, they kind of think to themselves, ‘Well, it’s been done before,’” McLeod told Fox News. “‘So-and-so is figuring it out, so maybe I can give it a try.’”

McLeod, 34, from Ontario, Canada, started his own recovery from addiction to heroin and prescription pills in 2010. 


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