One darn day at a time – 

June 5, 2020 – As an introvert, I initially believed that the isolation process was a dream come true – I didn’t realise how much of a nightmare it would become. That insidious voice of my alcoholism crept back in – so slowly and quietly that it almost caught me off guard. One day, I found myself in the aisle of Tesco, daydreaming over the notion of having a drink. I shook it off, grabbed my necessities and left the shop. The thoughts lingered though. I fixated on the idea of drinking for almost two weeks. I was petrified. I ended up attending around three online meetings a day, having my therapist on speed dial and Zoom calling a few other young alcoholics. When the obsession passed, I tried to figure out where the overwhelming desire to drink came from. For me it was mostly envy; my inner child was upset and frustrated that she couldn’t participate in what appeared to be the biggest pastime of lockdown – drinking.



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