WATCH – Celebration time is now –

July 2, 2020 – This is a disease condition. This isn’t just a series of bad moral decisions and that’s what they come into the treatment center with. We’re trying to disjoint that idea from them and get them better educated on what addiction is,” Smith said.

The portraits are for sale, framed originals are $500 and unframed prints are $150. All the money raised goes back to Chandra’s House of Hope, an addiction recovery facility for women in Madison. If you are interested in purchasing a portrait or print contact Mandy Kron, Art Coordinator at UW Health, or 608-263-5992.

The exhibit is up at UW Health until July 28. The hospital is not allowing extra visitors, if you have an appointment you can check it out in person. If not, you can see the work on Paul’s portfolio website.



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