Time To Go On The Water Wagon –

September 10, 2019 – If Sober September or Dry January bring up serious emotions for you, here’s how to cope, according to experts.  1. Be Prepared: Right now, there are two distinct times of year where periods of sobriety are becoming more popular: the times after the winter holidays, and after summer. Experts tell Bustle that if you’ve experienced a disordered relationship with alcohol in the past, it’s important to be aware that these times exist. “If you find it difficult to maintain sobriety then you will need to learn to pay careful attention to any and all references to alcohol,” says Dr. O’Malley. “If you are prepared for whatever life throws at you, then you will be more likely to behave in a healthy and helpful manner.”  2. Think Your Thoughts Through:  Sober September and its ilk can create the impression that stopping drinking is easy, but people recovering from alcohol use disorder need to remember that the message doesn’t apply to them. Many people with alcohol use disorder have attempted sobriety multiple times, and experts note that when you experience substance use disorders of any kind, a casual relationship with the substance just isn’t possible — even if those around you can handle it.

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