April 1, 2021 – Martin is initially the most hesitant of his pals, but soon he’s discreetly taking sips of vodka at school. He delivers a passionate, welcomed lecture about drunk politicians who won major wars (Winston Churchill). He reconnects with his wife (or at least, they have sex in a tent). He vacations with his family. At first, the whole group thrives as well, coaching soccer teams to victory and mentoring their students with real compassion and understanding. 

Another Round unfolds like a night out: It starts off joyous and limitless, and then descends into a reality that the four men have avoided confronting. They see what upping their BAC beyond 0.05 will accomplish. They get drunker and drunker. In no time at all, Martin is slamming dishes on the floor as his wife subtly admits she had an affair. But he and two of his friends recognize their limits and pause the theory. They try to make amends with their families and co-workers. Another friend, however, does not.

But Another Round doesn’t end in tragedy. In the last scene, Martin is partying with the new high school graduates, swigging champagne. His wife texts him that she misses him. He finally has the confidence to dance.



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