Electrifying –

May 1, 2020 – “In one of the states in America the police were told by the authorities not to do anything if addicts were overdosing – not to use Narcan [also known as naloxone] to revive them.

“It’s the only thing that will bring them back, but they were told ‘you mustn’t do that in case they cough on you’. That beggars belief for me.” Emergency overdose calls have reportedly increased in a number of US states in recent weeks, but there was controversy when a police department in Indiana suspended the use of naloxone and told its officers to stay six feet from an unconscious overdose victim until paramedics arrived.

Addicts are more likely to have chronic health problems which make them more vulnerable to Covid-19, as well as mental health issues exacerbated by social isolation.

An increase in potentially dangerous home detox attempts, both in the US and Scotland, is also being reported during the pandemic.



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