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Dec. 11, 2020 – “Dancing with the Stars comes lots of attention, all of a sudden, and something that I was never comfortable with and still am not 100% comfortable with. But I used alcohol to basically numb.” Cheryl said. 

In their new podcast “Pretty Messed Up” on iHeart Radio, they discuss why they turned to alcohol or drugs and how they were able to overcome the addiction. 

“When I came back home reeking of alcohol, my youngest daughter said that I didn’t smell like her daddy. And that was the downfall for me. That was my rock bottom. I mean, after that moment, I said I was done and I couldn’t have been more serious,” AJ said. 

“My real dad passed away two years ago and he was an alcoholic. And so I in the back of my mind, I was thinking either I was going to crash and burn or check myself into rehab or I was gonna go the complete opposite,” Cheryl said.



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