Televised 5th Step? –

November 15, 2019 – There was just one problem: “I knew I had a drinking problem,” he recalls. “My life was falling apart. I started getting into drugs on top of the drinking. I mean, I was sinking very quickly.” … One Saturday, after a day of drinking, Dunlap came home to a note waiting for him on the couch. His wife of four years had left him, and Dunlap knew that this time, it was for good … “I had a decision to make,” he says. “I could grab that 357 on the couch and take care of things. Or I could take a breath, and give it one more day.” The next day was Easter Sunday. “I remember that a group of us were sitting in a house that had no heat or electricity,” says Dunlap. “We were waiting for the drug dealer to arrive. As soon as he walked in the door, I set my beer down, got on my motorcycle and left. That was my last drink. I never finished it.”

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