Children ‘R’ Our Future  –

November 29, 2019 – Jerry Moe is, in a way, one of Karli’s creators. Moe is national director of Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program, and an advisory board member for the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Last year, while in the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, Moe got an unexpected text: “The people at Sesame Street want to talk to you.”

Moe — who spoke this month in Anaheim, at the California Community Opioid Crisis — had one thought: “Who’s scamming me?” Nobody, it turned out. Moe has an expertise that Sesame Street wanted to tap. The author of “Through a Child’s Eyes: Understanding Addiction and Recovery” also is the creator of created the Seven C’s, a healing program for children:

“I didn’t cause addiction. I can’t control addiction. I can’t cure addiction. But I can help take care of myself, by communicating feelings, making healthy choices and celebrating me.”

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