Catch Them If You Can –

April 25, 2020 – She said  while the funding for prevention and early intervention was welcomed and useful, she was concerned about the level of support for those already addicted during the crisis.

“Now, we have people increasing their alcohol intake, their drug intake, and businesses aren’t open as usual. Rehab clinics have had to close, counselling services are moved online, but not everyone is able to move online,” Lee said.

“In ordinary circumstances, these services are struggling; there has been a contraction in how services are able to provide help.” … While it’s expected the coronavirus crisis will adversely affect those living with addiction, exactly what that may look like is unclear, and that worries Babineau. She said Odyssey House has “never been so busy”, with a sudden influx of calls for help.

“The concern is how long this will go on for, and for the people who fall through the cracks, where will we find them and how will we find them,” she said.


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