Hooked – WATCH in Horror – 

April 18, 2020 – Flynn also talked to Michael, a man born and raised in the Kensington neighborhood, who says he is not planning on leaving the area. He’s a recovering addict, so he’s experienced the impact drugs have on lives.

“People sleep in these streets every day, every day. They sleep, there’s gunshots every day. Someone’s getting robbed, someone’s getting stuck up, it’s bad. And no one in their right mind would want to stay out here in the chaos,” Michael said.

The City Manager’s Office was not available to comment on Kensington’s struggle to juggle two unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals think Kensington’s neglect of social distancing could come at a detriment to several.

“Could a neighborhood that doesn’t observe social distancing for whatever reason, could they be a nexus for spreading the virus once everything calms down in our nation? The answer is probably yes,” Dr. Simone explained.



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