Hitting the Right Note –

Nov. 21, 2018 – Ryan Snuffer is the director of arts at the Academy of Creative arts. He said “We want to give them something positive and productive. We want to equip them with a lifelong hobby. Maybe for some of them, it will become more than a hobby some day.” He loves music and started playing when he was 20 years old.  He even credited it with turning his life around when he was young. “I was going through a traumatic time in my life and music was therapy for me.” Snuffer said. “I would listen to music and I started playing the guitar and playing and music has been proven to do a lot of positive things in people’s lives from increasing their IQ to helping to settle their nerves and lower their blood pressure.” Lee Cook is the program director at the Fellowship Home. She oversees community service, relapse prevention, anger management, and a few other courses. She said programs like this can play a big part in recovery. “We really want to incorporate some of the music and the arts because its a stress relief, it gives them a new hobby to work on, it makes them feel like they have kind of a purpose to work together.” Cook said.

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