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August 6, 2020 – He says he was at his wits end: in-and-out of jail and loved ones giving up on him.

“I got 56 misdemeanors, 7 DUI’s, 6 felonies, and 16 driver’s suspensions. That’s all I used to know, that jail was an institution,” Anastasia stated.

Then he hit rock bottom.

“My mom died in 2011. She overdosed on Xanax and oxycodone, so I was just tired of my life. I just wanted to die,” he said.

Until a friend got him some help. He spent months at several treatment centers like Maryhaven, House of Hope, and a sober house.

“I took about 14 months just to work on myself,” Anastasia stated.

He started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly and now helps recruit more members.

“The biggest part of my sobriety is staying busy and helping others.”

Making ever-lasting friendships during these meetings. But with COVID-19, meetings are now small or moved online, like Facebook.



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