What’s Love Got to Do?… –

OCTOBER 11, 2018 – Well, it may be more satisfying, but it’s not healthier. You want a good love story? How about Jackson Maine gets sober, and when he worries that he’s a drain on Ally’s career he calls his fucking sponsor instead of hanging himself in the garage. A STAR IS BORN treats alcoholism like LA BOHEME treated tuberculosis. Too bad, so sad, nothing to be done except die young and leave beautiful corpse. Yes, I know it’s silly to ask for mental health in a romantic melodrama. I Would Die 4 U makes a better Prince title than I Would Go To Therapy 4 U … although the Beatles did manage a hit with We Can Work It Out. Drama is larger-than-life characters having over-the-top emotions. But we poison our psyches by repeating these tropes about “what love is.” Death is romantic when you’re 16 and you don’t think it really actually happens, at least not to you. But how many of those 16-year-olds are now 36 and still waiting for a man who will to freeze to death in the North Atlantic for them?

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