No More Keggers – 

October 1, 2019 – When Billy Murphy, a former college basketball player at Lafayette College, realized he had an issue with alcohol, he didn’t want to admit it. On paper, Billy was thriving. He had a good job, an amazing group of friends, and a supportive family. But when he noticed his once-a-week happy hours started to multiply, he knew he needed to make a change, even if it was a reluctant one. Now sober for more than a year, Billy is not only the best version of himself, but he’s making it a point to help others who find themselves grappling with an alcohol addiction. 

Billy realized that his alcohol consumption picked up after his last season of basketball during his senior year of college. Surrounded by students eager to celebrate their impending graduation, he didn’t think it was something to worry about at the time. “Alcoholism runs in my family so I’ve always been aware of it,” Billy told POPSUGAR. “I was always that guy that was like, ‘I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t have a problem. I’m fine, I got my stuff together; I’m an athlete, I’m in college, I have a good job waiting for me, that’s not who I am.’”

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